About the Institute

A variety of courses are offered to sustain the research requirements and job demands. These courses include Field Geology, Engineering Geology, Environmental Geology, Structural Geology, Petroleum Geology, Groundwater Hydrology, Engineering Geophysics, Remote Sensing and Aerial Photo, Soil and Rock Mechanics, Well Hydraulics, Groundwater Contamination, Solute Transport Phenomena, Hydrogeological Parameter Estimation, Geochemistry, Earthquake Hazard Mitigation, Slope Engineering, Mathematics of Applied Geology, Numerical Simulation, and Geographical Information System, and others depending on research need and student suggestions.

AG6066 Geology and Mechanics Introduction of geology and mechanics including lecture and laboratory studies of geologic material, geologic process and their mechanism.
AG6067 Fundamentals of Mathematics and Computer Fundamental theories of mathematics and statistics in the field of applied geology, FOTRAN programming and numerical methods.
AG7002 Mathematics in Applied Geology Review on mathematics in applied geology, first and second-order ordinary differential equations, fundamentals of vectors, matrices, determinants, and eigenvalue problems, Laplace transforms, Fourier series, and partial differential equations.
AG7003 Statistics in Geology Review of basic statistics, time series analysis in earth sciences, kriging and isopleth, trend surface analysis, spatial data analysis, multivariate analysis.
AG7005 Slope Stability Landslide investigation, analysis and monitoring.
AG7006 Advanced Physical Geology Principles and application of geologic phenomena.
AG7009 Environmental Geochemistry Principles and application of environmental geochemistry.
AG7017 Geological Remote Sensing Field mapping, large-scaled geologic mapping by remote sensing, case studies of filed geology.
AG7018 Underground Engineering Planning, designing and operation of underground tunnels, including site selection, geologic investigation, protection design, fault handling, operation and monitoring of tunnels, as well as contract and security concerns.
AG7022 Earthquake Geology Earthquake faulting mechanism, tectonic geomorphology, paleoseismology, seismic hazard assessment, theory and practice.
AG7023 Advanced Geochemistry Geologic investigation by using principles of chemistry, including chemical balance, acid and base reactions, carbonate chemistry, weathering, colloids and clay, free energy, oxidation-reduction reaction, phase rule, radioactive and stable isotope chemistry.
AG7024 Geochemistry of Energy Resources Studies of various energy resources including coal geochemistry, petroleum geochemistry and non-fossil fuel.
AG7025 Advanced Environmental Geology The inter-relationship between human activities and geologic environments, including geologic hazards, pollution, waste management, energy and resource exploration, environmental impact assessment.
AG7026 Groundwater Contamination and Transport Solute transport in groundwater, advection and dispersion models, influence of heterogeneity. Immiscible fluids characteristics, capillary effects, different phases of NAPLs.
AG7032 Special Topics Research Study of research problems under guidance of research advisors.
AG7033 Colloquium Lectures by invited scholars or experts in various disciplines related to applied geology.
AG7044 Numerical Modeling in Applied Geology Numerical methods for solving systems of algebraic equation, numerical integration, numerical methods for Laplace inversion, finite difference methods, and FORTRAN programming.
AG7045 Geological Data Processing Quantitative geomorphologic analysis, DEM data processing and application, remote sensed data processing and application, orientation data and joint analysis, GIS and spatial data processing and application.
AG7046 Seminar of Environmental Geochemistry Literature study and presentation on the field of environmental geochemistry.
AG7047 Seminar of Engineering Geology IV Literature study and discussion in engineering geology .
AG7048 Seminar of Porous Media Special topics of flow and transport in porous media.
AG7049 Seminar of Ground Water Study of current advancement in groundwater problems.
AG7050 Seminar of Geotechnical Engineering Seminar of geotechnical engineering.
AG7051 Slopeland Engineering Geology Characteristics of slope environment, exploration and protection of slopeland.
AG7052 Advanced Engineering Geology I Introduction to engineering geology, Fundamentals in engineering geology, Site investigation, Geological data processing, Methodology of engineering geological assessment, Engineering geological maps, Joint system and structural analysis, Rockmass classification and rockmass mechanics, Slope stability, Regional slope stability evaluation, Stress state in the earth crust, Active fault investigation and earthquake assessment.
AG7053 Adaptive Engineering Geology Ⅱ Hill-side engineering geology, Tunnelling engineering geology, Reservoir engineering geology, Engineering geology for radioactive waste disposal site.
AG7054 Experimental Mechanics of Geo-Material Laboratory tests for soils and rocks (mechanical behaviors and index properties).
AG7055 Multivariate Geostatistics Analysis of variogram and covariogram, trend analysis, multiple regression, ordinary kriging, universal kriging, cokriging, kriging with varying local means.
AG7056 Rock Mechanics Stress, strain and constitutive law; strength and deformability of rocks; in-situ stress measurement; rock mass classification.
AG7057 Stochastic Subsurface Hydrology I Fundamental statistics and exploratory data analysis, spatial data analysis and variogram fitting, regressions and geostatistical interpolations, geostatistical simulations, and concept of stochastic modeling.
AG7061 Seminar of Numerical Groundwater Models Special topics of numerical groundwater modeling.
AG7062 Stochastic Subsurface Hydrology II Review of flow and transport in subsurface, review of geostatistical interpolations and simulations, fundamentals of stochastic modeling, Monte Carlo simulations for flow and transport in subsurface, correlation and uncertainty analyses of aquifer properties, concept of perturbation methods for estimating correlation and uncertainty, applications of stochastic concept to predict groundwater flow and transport cross scales.
AG7063 Advanced Field Geology I Geological investigation and field mapping.
AG7064 Groundwater Hydrology Groundwater movement in different hydrogeological environments, types of aquifers and hydrogeological parameters, heterogeneity and anisotropy, 1-D steady state flow analysis, linear superposition principle, 1-D transient flow analysis, Theis solution and its applications.
AG7065 Aquifer Parameter Estimation Hydrogeological parameters and their influence on groundwater flow, slug test and pumping test techniques, implementation and data analysis methods, case study.
AG7066 Applied Groundwater Modeling Review of fundamental theories for groundwater flow and transport, review of numerical models for groundwater flow and contaminant transport, development of conceptual models, analyses of numerical and measured parameters, influence of the prescribed initial and boundary conditions, and case study.
AG8001 Special Topics on Geological Hazard Paper review for geological hazard (earthquake, landslide, landslide-dam, surface subsidence).
AG8002 Special Topics on Rock Mechanics Paper review for rock mechanics (elastic-plastic -viscosity behavior).
AG8003 Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Advanced numerical methods for solving single and coupled partial differential equations, including the basic theory, numerical procedures, error analyses, and its applications.