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2024/3/15陳愷風/Kai-Feng Chen利用航空影像關聯和DSM時間序列測量台灣西南部車瓜林斷層和旗山斷層之間的地表變形/Measuring ground deformation across the Chegualin and Chishan faults, Southwestern Taiwan using aerial image correlation and DSM time seriesabsppt111624010
2024/3/15葉哲瑋臺灣地熱場地層儲存及流體流動特性——以大屯火山群和東部板岩帶為例/Geological Storage and Fluid Flow Characteristics of Geothermal Reservoirs in Taiwan— A Case Study on the Datun Volcanic Group and Eastern Slate Belt.absppt111624006
2024/3/22陳映涵 /Ying-Han, Chen 以水-熱模式結合異質性地質模型探討礁溪溫泉水資源管理/ Investigation of sustainable resource management of Jiaoxi hot spring by using hydro-thermal numerical simulation in a heterogeneous hydrogeological modelabsppt111624001
2024/3/22高靖淵 /Ching Yuan, Kao利用三維熱-水-力耦合數值模式評估地熱案場抽注水管理方案:以清水地熱案場為例 /Using a 3D thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling numerical model to evaluate the extraction strategies of geothermal fields: A case study of the Chingshui Geothermal Fieldabsppt111624002
2024/3/29許安誼/ An-Yi,HSU以熱示蹤劑試驗與模式評估海岸帶含水層分層流動特性/Using thermal tracer tests and numerical models to evaluate the layered flow characteristic in a coastal aquifer systemabsppt111624005
2024/3/29林佳輝Lam Gia HuyHMC 7.1 simulation of fluid exchange due to CO2 leakage along faults during CO2 geo-sequestration in saline aquifer/ THMC 7.1 模擬鹹水層 CO2 地質封存過程中 CO2 沿斷層洩漏所引起的流體交換absppt111624605
2024/4/12林禹昇/Yu-Sheng Lin 考慮異質性膨潤土內氣體遷移之多相流與黏彈性力學耦合數值模擬報/Numerical Simulation of Coupled Multiphase Fluid Flow and Elastic-viscous Mechanics for Gas Migration in Bentonite Considering Heterogeneous Distributionsabsppt111624003
2024/4/19阮國桃/Nguyen Ngoc ThaoMixed‐Mode Formation of Amorphous Materials in the Creeping Zone of the Chihshang Fault, Taiwan, and Implications for Deformation Styleabsppt111684606
2024/4/19馬金寧Agustina Shinta MarginingsihGroundwater Level Anomalies in Various Depths Relate to Earthquakes in the Milun Fault Observation System, Hualienabsppt111684605
2024/4/26雷依 /Le Nhu YThe approaches to quantify surface water-groundwater interactions through coupled modelsabsppt111684607
2024/4/26武宏山Vo Hong SonLandform Behaviors Under Climate Change Conditions Using Remote Sensing Methodabsppt111684603
2024/5/03林子瑜/Tzu-yu Lin Talk title:Simulation of Radionuclide Transport in Fractured Porous Mediaabsppt111684001
2024/5/03何佑婕/ Yu-Chieh Ho多層次滲透性反應牆系統整治原始污染物與其降解生成污染物共存地下水污染的解析模擬與功能評估 Analytical modeling and performance evaluation for multi-permeable reactive barrier system for remediation of groundwater contamination susceptible to coexistence of original contaminant and its degradation-related byproductsabsppt111684002
2024/5/03阮氏雪欣Nguyen Thi Tuyet HanApply THMC software to simulate the porosity reduction in a porous reactive barrier aquifer systemabsppt112684601
2024/5/10斯帝芬Stefan Christopher Nicholas3D Random Field Modelling of Stratigraphy and Geotechnical Parameters in the Taipei Basinabsppt111684601
2024/5/10王鼎崴Quantifying stratigraphic uncertainties by stochastic simulation techniques based on Markov random field 基於馬可夫隨機場的隨機模擬技術量化地層的不確定性absppt112624003
2024/5/10巫家宜 / Jia-Yi, Wu岩橋尺度效應之數值研究 /Numerical Investigation of the Scale Effects of Rock Bridges.absppt112624005
2024/5/17張子寬/Tzu-Kuan Chang使用基於物理的數值模型WASH123D模擬地下水位對降雨和地下水的反應/Water table response to rainfall and groundwater simulation using physics based numerical model WASH123Dabsppt112624001
2024/5/17廖泓硯/Liao hong-yanDNAPL 污染場址之宿命和污染物傳輸模式驅動機率式人體健康風險評估/Fate and contaminant transport model-driven probabilistic human health risk assessment of DNAPL-contaminated siteabsppt112624004
2024/5/17許力元 / li-yuan Hsu基於流域WASH123D模型的地表-地下綜合建模系統綜述 A systematic review on integrated surface–subsurface modeling using watershed WASH123D model.absppt112624007
2024/5/24王婕欣 / Wang Chieh-Hsin土耳其西部Kızıldere地熱田與舊有地熱活動相關的蝕變礦物的礦物學和地球化學特徵 / Mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of alteration minerals related to fossil geothermal activities in the Kızıldere geothermal field, Western Turkeyabsppt112624006
2024/5/17李啟彥/Kifayat AliFrom slope morphometry to morphometric processes: an integrated approach of field survey, geographic information system morphometric analysis and statistics in Italian badlandsabsppt112624602
2024/5/17張子寬/Tzu-Kuan Chang使用基於物理的數值模型WASH123D模擬地下水位對降雨和地下水的反應absppt112624001
2024/6/07張國峯 Chang Kuo-Feng建立用於油田蘊藏量評估之儲集層模型 Oilfield Reservoir Modeling for Reserves evaluationabsppt112624009
2024/5/24許鎧麟/Kai-Lin Hsu壓溶作用對於天然裂隙之滲透率演變 /Evolution of permeability in a natural fracture: Significant role of pressure solutionabsppt112624008
2024/4/12Pham Thi Thanh Nhan /范氏涵 Applying the variably saturated flow model to simulate groundwater flow in Pingtung plain by using THMCabsppt111624602
2024/6/07張育熏/Yu-Hsun Chang關於鱗狀組織和鱗狀黏土的性質 / On the nature of scaly fabric and scaly clayabsppt112624002
2024/6/07張睿宇 Rui-Yu Zhang地下水補注地點選擇的新型混合框架_A new hybrid framework of site selection for groundwater rechargeabsppt112624013